Michela & Manuele

Michela & Manuele

Pavia, Piemonte.

This extraordinarily close-knit couple, was really looking forward to this photo shoot.  Pavia was their chosen location for this love photo experience. The not very good weather conditions helped creating the atmosphere for the best photo shoot possible, that fully illustrates the affinity and intimacy of this wonderfull  couple. I followed them from morning to night, living with them a typical day; the complicity that clearly transpires from the photographs is for me the best gift possible.

I love getting to know the couples that I photograph; being  able to follow them and shoot from within their love, I think that only in this way can we gain spontaneous images and involvement. It is useless to say that with Michela and Emanuele an extraordinary friendship was and that it will remain over time. The guys, who were a  little embarrassed at the beginning for never having posed, now say they have lived with me a unique experience that has enriched them and united them even more as a couple…. this is for me a source of great pride.



  • Category : Love Session
  • Date :  July 2018
  • Location : Pavia, Piemonte

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