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Hello everyone, we are Rebecca and Riccardo, professional photographers.  Specialized in wedding reportage, pregnancies, babies, family portraits, love sessions and travel photography. During our career we have developed skills to mantain a very personal and intimate approach to photography. Our style tells who we are, and how we love experimentation. We are photographers of people and we consider it almost a mission, being able to enter people’s lives and being able to photograph them from the inside is the greatest satisfaction for us …  In our reportages there are no fake or planned moments created fore the sake of the shot, but only scenes that represent the real everyday life of our clients.

We think that photography is an amazing form of art, that it is constantly evolving and that only those who truly manage to stand out, will emerge from the crowd. We will help you find the way that best suits your needs and interests, whether you are an established photographer or you are an amateur who wants to pursue this career. Professional study and personal growth become fundamental to survive.

Being always up to date following photography workshops to improve your business is a very important process nowadays for a professional photographer or anyone who wants to become one.

1 Day Mentoring 

Per for professionals or those who want to start this career

This in person mentoring is aimed at those who prefer direct contact with us. We will not be teachers, we will be friends who will be able to listen and advise you on anything you want to discuss.

We will spend a whole day together, you can choose whether to follow Rebecca or Riccardo or even both. The individual workshop lasts 1 day and will take place in our studios immersed in two different realities. Rebecca will welcome you in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy such as Genoa and Riccardo in his home studio in the Piedmont countryside between Asti and Casale Monferrato.

We will decide with you the topics to be discussed and we will create a personal schedule to make the day as useful as possible. The workshop can be completely theoretical or even practical, in fact there is the possibility of involving couples or, more generally people, who want to be photographed (based on the availability of the moment). We will be your personal consultant and hopefully be the people who will help you to achieve your professional goals.

We are very simple and friendly people, we hope being with us will feel almost like being with a friend. We want to be a comfort zone where you can find the answers you are looking for and the inspiration you need.

What our 1 day mentoring includes: :

  • analysis of your work and portfolio  (should be provided previously)
  • Telephone or Skype call
  • Personalized shedule for the day of the workshop
  • Analysis of the first photo session done after our workshop to check improvements
  • last but not least: our desire to really teach you something

Online Mentoring 

If you don’t have the chance to come over to our studios for a mentoring on emotional photography, we can plan some Skype calls with you, where we will tackle one topic at a time.

Portfolio review

we will connect comfortably from our offices, on days and times that we will agree together. The time available will be 60 minutes during which we will analyze your work and give you our opinion on your strengths and weaknesses and advice on how to emphasize your strong points and improve the weaker ones.


Full Mentoring

personalized program aimed to follow your progress over time.

Created for you, with you to develop an entire training course specific to your needs.

In this case you can buy an 8-hour package to use as you prefer (for example 1 hour per week for two months). This approach will allow us to get to know you and follow your improvements over time.



If you are part of an association, a school or if you are a professional photographer and want to host a course with us in your office, contact us by email at We will be happy to to travel to your city to meet new colleagues and bring them our experience and talk about our work through slides and videos that will accompany our words.

For presentation at associations, schools or events. It can be useful for students to interact with real life professionals, to learn about their work experience. The transition from school to work is a very important step and for this reason, the proximity of a professional could significantly change the success.

It is even possible to organize one or two days of workshops at our studios for small groups of people. The program of these days will be established according to specific cases.


Choose the best solution for you.

1 day in mentoring

full day with personalized program with Riccardo or Rebecca in their respective studios in Moncalvo (Asti) or Bogliasco (Genoa). (It is possible to organize two consecutive days, with both photographers).

Price per 1 Day : €800

On-line full mentoring

Complete program designed specifically for your needs, to be developed over time to achieve specific goals. For example: one hour a week for a period of two months. You will be followed step by step during your progress.

Price for 8 sessions: €1200

On line portfolio review

Portfolio review with Rebecca or Riccardo to get our vision on your work. It is possible to purchase 2 separate hours, 1 with Rebecca and 1 with Riccardo, to have two different points of view.

Price for 60 min. : €300


Personalized workshops and training for schools or small private groups. We will discuss the program together to establish the best solution based on needs and time available.

Quotation : on request

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