The Photo Experience

Intimate lifestyle photography for travellers and people in love.

What is it about?


Italy Love Photo Experience is a project made by the romantic and dreamy minds of two long term professional photographers. We were looking for something different to make a photoshoot more interesting and fun.

The Photo Experience  is a photo session made for those who love and those who love each other: families, friends and couples of all ages who would like to be photographed in their free time. Not a posed or forced photoshoot but a real intimate and natural shooting, that can exist only by creating a relationship with your photographer. Before shooting we will take our time to know you: drinking a good coffee or spending a hole day together, is the only way to achieve real and raw, images of you, your life and your travel.

For us the photo session is an excuse for meeting new people, visiting new places  and having fun taking pictures of wonderful couples. We will take care of you for the hole time of the shooting, and even more and will create images that represent your essence, your lifestyle and your pure emotions…

Photos Taken

Trips done

Cups of Coffee

Satisfied couples

The Team


Riccardo Cornaglia

reserved, serious, ironic

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Rebecca Rinaldi

pragmatic, creative, cheerful


Choose your intimate and natural lifestyle photo experience.


half day experience: shooting & quality time

150 high resolution images

digital download

Price : €750


full day experience: shooting & quality time

300 high resolution images

digital download

Price : 1400


We would love to pass even more time with you. Hanging out, visiting place, or doing whatever you would like…Let us know your travel plans and we will arrange the best solution for you.

Pricing & Details on request

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