Cristina & Angelo

Piemonte, Liguria. Italy.

Cristiana and Angelo are two wonderful people; inside and out. They are a mix of affection and true love that no one will ever separate. They asked me to follow them and photograph them during their wedding day more than a year in advance, and the connection between us was immediately very strong. Having a chance to know me and understanding how i work, they decided to try a new and interesting photographic adventure: a Love Photo Experience. I explained to them how spending as much time together as possible would allow me to tiptoe into their lives and into their love story to photograph it from the inside …  We became great friends and we spent an unforgettable day together. We visited places that recall their daily life, and that are meaningfull for them: from their home we moved on to a walk in the countryside, among the rice fields of Palazzolo Vercellese in the company of their two Labrador breed dogs. From the rice fields of Vercelli, we decided to go to Varazze in Liguria, keeping “water” as the main theme of the session and main element of the images After we retuned to their places of origin for a few night shots with fireworks.

It was an unforgettable experience that connected us in an way and allowed me to create a tangible and unique memory for Cristiana and Angelo, that I hope they will keep in their hearts forever.



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